About Us

EatStanbul Restaurant has been bringing authentic halal Turkish food to Cape Town since 2018 as a sister restaurant to Saray opened in 2016. We created authentic Turkish restaurant that will transport you, our musaffir (traveller), back to our beautiful homeland and the iconic city of Istanbul, where you will get a taste of our cuisine and hospitality. Our food is meticulously prepared by our team of chefs using only the freshest and finest ingredients. As in Turkey, our food is all made fresh to order, per order, meaning that our dishes take a little longer to prepare, but they are worth the wait. Start with our Mezes which are great to keep the hungry mussafir satisfied until your main course arrives. Do try our traditional kebaps, as our head chef is from the home of Kebaps, Sanliurfa, on the eastern part of Turkey. Turkish food is traditionally less spicy and less saucy that South African’s are accustomed to, so prepare your palate for a new experience. We end our meals in the most traditional way, with some cay or kahve (Turkish tea or coffee) and our desserts, perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.

Come and enjoy our sit down restaurant 64 Kloof Street or a takeaway delivered to your door. It is a pleasure to bring our food to you!